1 Week of Insanity Left!

Only 1 week left and then I will have completed the Insanity Workout Delux Edition.  The delux edition basically switches out Cardio Abs for Insane Abs as well as Core Cardio and Balance with Max Interval Sports Training.  It does make it harder, but it’s not too crazy.

I can definitely say that I’m glad that I’ll be done soon.  I think my high impact workout days might be over.  I haven’t injured my knees during these exercises but, since my knees have always been a little sensitive, I’ve been “insanely” careful during these workouts.  I’ve taken extra care to always keep my knees behind my toes and to land softly during the jumps – and there is a lot of jumping.  It’s not always easy because being careful actually requires more energy.  Still, I think you should always be extremely careful with your knees.  The problem is that with such intense and exhausting workouts you can sometimes drop your guard and use bad form for just a second or two.  Unfortunately, that’s all it takes to damage your knee.

Another reason I’ll be glad that it’s over is that I seem to have hit a plateau.   I was 208 lbs after week 1 of month 2, then I slowly went up for a week until I hit 211.5 lbs.  I’m back down to 208 lbs, but it was definitely disheartening to start going up in weight.  It actually seemed to make  the workouts even harder :-)  I had to get my wife, Erika, to come down and push me just to keep my motivation levels up while I was doing the workouts!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still extremely happy with the results.  Plus, I feel great!  It’s just that I think my body needs a change.  If you are currently doing the Insanity Program keep at it, and good luck!

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