Finished Insanity Workout Program

I’ve finished the Insanity Workout.  Does that make me officially insane now?  Maybe a little.  It was definitely insanely hard!  I feel great having completed this workout.  I can also see the results – I’ve gone down 2 belt sizes and went from 226 lbs down to 208 lbs.

Sadly though, the 208 lbs that I reached after finishing the first week of month 2 didn’t last.  That was my all-time low, but after that first week of month 2 I started gaining weight.  I’m currently sitting at 211.5 lbs.  I have to say, seeing my weight go up was a little discouraging.  I was really hoping to get down to 200 lbs.  That was too much to ask I guess.  I don’t really know why I started putting on weight.  I’m hoping it was muscle mass contributing to the weight.  I maintained the same eating habits throughout the workouts.  Except for 1 weekend at week 3 of month 2.  It was a long weekend and we went camping.  There was a lot of wine, burgers and chocolate!

Regardless, I am definitely happy with the results.  Now I just have to decide what I’m going to do next.  It’s currently a toss up between these 2 programs.

I know I said I’d stay away from high impact workouts from now on, which is what the Asylum workout is, but it’s only one month long and it looks awesome! Then again, Rushfit is supposed to be amazing too! It’s supposed to be like Insanity on steroids without the high-impact madness.

Before I can start either of these 2 programs I’ll have to get some equipment. Rushfit requires dumbells, and Asylum comes with bands and a ladder. In the mean time I’ll be doing some Tabata workouts just to hopefully maintain my current fitness level. Of course, I still have decide which one I want to do.

I’d love to hear some other opinions so please don’t be afraid to leave a comment.


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