I Almost Quit!

I thought I was going to quit a couple of times this week.  The workouts in month 2 are very insane.  Not, just your regular amount of insanity.  To make things even hard I recently started a contract where I have to commute to and from an office in downtown Calgary – I normally work from.  This eats up 1 1/2 hours per day – a half hour in the morning and an hour after work.  The commute seems to wipe me out so much, that I don’t feel like working out at all when I get home.

During 2 of these brutal workouts while I was extremely tired I almost threw in the towel.  I had 20 minutes left in the 55 minute workout and I was just barely able to complete the exercises, even with a lowered amount of intensity.  I did manage to make it, but I like I said, I lowered my intensity.  I wasn’t jumping as high, and sometimes not at all, but at least I made it.  That’s a win for me as far as I’m concerned.  I think it’s better to get through the exercises at a lower pace compared to stopping in the middle.

Anyway, I just wanted to say, “this stuff is hard!”  I’ve got less than 3 weeks left and then I think I’ll move on to something that is lower impact.

To anyone who is taking on Insanity, I say keep at it and good luck!

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