Insanity Workout – First Day of Month 2. Ouch!

Now that was insane!  I went through the recovery week after month 1 and that was quite easy, the recovery week I mean.  I guess that was the goal.  It did get a little boring though because it was the same workout 6 days in a row.  Anyway, that’s over and today I did Max Interval Circuit – the first day of month 2 (last month).  That was a crazy hard workout.  At least it was for an old guy like me.  For the first time I actually started second guessing myself, but I managed to make it through.  Although, I couldn’t maintain the pace they kept in the video.

I’m hoping that the fact that I did the fitness test just before the workout had something to do with my fatigue.  that, and the fact that I ate way too much for supper.  We’ll see in the next workout.  Just to be safe though, I think I’m going to take my protein shake before and after my workout for that little extra boost.

Here we go!

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